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The Return of Tokitae

From Miami Seaquarium to her home in the Pacific Northwest

TOKITAE (Lolita) is the last surviving Orca

of 45 Orca children who were captured and kidnapped from our Salish Sea Southern Resident Orca Community during the late 1960’s and 70’s, then cheaply sold for entertainment purposes and transported to ‘SeaWorld’ and other so-called ‘marine parks’ all over the world.  Tokitae was originally sold to the Miami Seaquarium, for a paltry $6,000 in September 1970.


The Time has come for Tokitae (52 years old) to retire from her unpaid 48-year career in show business, and return home from a very small 1970’s chlorinated swimming pool in Miami to the 7,000 square mile Salish Sea Whale Sanctuary in Washington State. Where Tokitae can rehabilitate and recreate at her leisure in a very large, beautiful seaside sanctuary seapen along the shores of Orcas Island.  From there she can eventually and carefully be reintroduced and released to once again swim and live free with her mother Ocean Sun (L25, 83 years old), and her entire L-pod family of 35 Orcas, who even today swim free in the Salish Sea!

KEIKO, the real-life Orca star of the major motion picture ‘FREE WILLY,’ was rescued from a Seaquarium/Seaprison in Mexico City, successfully rehabilitated along the coast of Oregon and then carefully and gradually released in Iceland to swim free for many good years in his native waters around Iceland and Norway.

Enjoy this epic 5-minute video narrated by Jean-Michel Cousteau


of the Salish Sea Bioregion…


including Coast Salish First Nation leaders working in tandem with the World’s foremost Southern Resident Orca experts (brothers Ken Balcomb, Center for Whale Research & Howard Garrett, Orca Network), are standing up, speaking out and playing music together in unity and taking action and all steps necessary to timely inspire and persuade the new owner of Miami Seaquarium since 2015, a large Spain-based conglomerate named “Parques Reunidos” (who owns and operates 61 entertainment theme parks all over the world) to cooperate wholeheartedly in a timely manner to release Tokitae (Lolita) from her 46 years in captivity and thus enable her to safely and happily retire to her native Salish Sea home in an optimal way as soon as possible.


Thank You for Helping to Free Tokitae!

Click here to read  the Thoughtful and Careful Plan by Orca Network to Enable Tokitae (Lolita) to Retire from the Entertainment Business and Return Home to the Salish Sea, Her Mother and Her Family L-pod as Soon as Possible

Inspiring Theme Song and Video Clips from “Free Willy”

with Music, Art, Love and Compassion in Action!

She is only one,
but We are One,
and we cannot do everything,
but we can do something,
and we shall not allow the things we cannot do,
to interfere with the things we can do.
We can do this folks!

If you wish to help FREE TOKITAE
and return home to her mother and L-pod family in the Salish Sea,
and in the process spiritually and physically restore the
to its full and former glory and natural abundance,
please self-authorize, be creative, be bold and take action!


Please feel free
to contact and collaborate with us via

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