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Salish Sea Coastal Trail

Connecting Our Communities Ecologically

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An exciting and synergistic aspect of the Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary will be the development of a contiguous hiking and biking trail system encircling the entire Salish Sea. The Coastal Trail will immerse hikers, joggers, walkers and cyclers in the sights and sounds of nature without encroaching on animals' natural habitats.

The Salish Sea Coastal Trail will provide numerous profound benefits to our bioregion:

Healthy Ecological Transportation made possible by a contiguous world-class network of non-automotive, blue-green pathways for walking, jogging, hiking and biking.

Increased EcoTourism resulting in major economic, cultural and social benefits from dramatically  increased numbers of enlightened nature and animal lovers visiting our bioregion from all over the world.

Biocentric Education and Inspiration arising from a prolific array of multimedia and infographic exhibits made real by the abundance of charismatic ‘watchable wildlife’ viewable from the Trail. Combined with outdoor artworks, free high-speed internet access and myriad other amenities, the Salish Sea Coastal Trail shall be the new coolest, most interesting and enjoyable trail in North America, and maybe the world.

The Convergence of Trails and Culture 

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