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Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary

Restoring Natural Animal Populations

throughout Our Bioregion to More than 50%

of Historic Levels as Soon as Possible


A New Paradigm

The Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary will bring comprehensive ecological protection to the land and waters of our bioregion as well as the plants, animals, human communities and all life that calls this place home.


Bioregional Consciousness

The Salish Sea Bioregion is defined by natural topography and includes all land and bodies of water where falling rain eventually makes its way into the Salish Sea. This region is the traditional and ongoing homelands of the many Indigenous Coast Salish Peoples.

Water flows back and forth across the geopolitical border between British Columbia and Washington State. Plants, animals, and entire ecosystems transcend the lines on maps. When we identify not just by our country or citizenship but as members of the Salish Sea Bioregion, we may come together in protecting the bioregion in its entirety. 


The first big step in establishing the Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary is by Proclamation of the People. Power ultimately comes from the people and with the voices (and signatures) of over 1 million residents of the Salish Sea Bioregion, the will of the people shall be codified into law. 

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