Salish Sea on map of North America


An Ecological Treasure of Global Significance
with 1,000’s of natural animal species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth!
About 12,000 years ago, the Salish Sea’s 1,000’s of miles of tributary rivers and creeks, 450 islands and 7,000 square miles of salt water bays and canyons were carved by melting glaciers as the last Ice Age receded.
The Salish Sea is one of North America’s most vital breeding and feeding areas for Herring, Wild Salmon, Whales, Orcas, Dolphins, Porpoises and more than 3,000 other amazing animal species!
Internationally located in southwest British Columbia and northwest Washington State, the Salish Sea includes Puget Sound, the Strait of Georgia and Juan de Fuca Strait.
Well-known cities along her shores include Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia, and Seattle, Olympia and Bellingham in Washington State.

Salish Sea Marine SanctuaryMarine Sanctuaries

are protected aquatic areas where elevated standards of conduct protect and restore natural animal populations, their habitats and everyone’s water quality. Pollution to waterways is reduced, while regenerative and sustainable economic activities are multiplied. Implementation of the Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary & Coastal Trail vision generates ecological, cultural and economic benefits which far exceed related costs.

Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary

North America’s First Bioregional Marine Sanctuary

Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary Map
We the People of the Salish Sea Bioregion,
8 million of us from Coast Salish Nations, British Columbia and Washington State, are coming together in unprecedented unified action to protect and restore the Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary’s web of life, water quality and quality of life for All Life.
The boundaries of our ‘Bioregional Marine Sanctuary’ community correspond to our bioregional watershed boundaries, the outermost ridgelines of surrounding mountain ranges which ‘shed water’ in the direction of the Salish Sea via tributary rivers, creeks, estuaries and aquifers.
All Water and all Living Beings (mostly water) throughout our bioregional watershed community are included in our definition of Sanctuary Waters to be protected and restored.  All are invited, individually and cooperatively, to do their best to protect and restore biodiversity, abundance of wholesome foods and pure Sanctuary Waters throughout our bioregional community…as soon as possible!

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