Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary

Restoring Natural Animal Populations

throughout Our Bioregion to More than 50%

of Historic Levels as Soon as Possible


A Paradigm Shift in Animal Protection and Restoration

Marine sanctuaries have existed in various forms around the world for decades, authorizing certain protections and regulations in designated areas of ocean. Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary is the newest evolution, combining the best available practices with a modern, effective structure.


Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary is the Earth's first bioregional sanctuary. Rather than halting at a geopolitical border, the sanctuary is defined by its natural features and by the issues effecting the entire bioregion. 

Salish Sea Bioregional Sanctuary will be proclaimed by the inhabitants of the bioregion, allowing solutions to come from the people that understand the region-specific issues best.

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Bioregional Consciousness

Indigenous Peoples have lived around the Salish Sea since time immemorial. They saw that the land was defined by the features carved into it over eons by water and ice and erupting volcanos. 


When colonists first came to the Salish Sea, they drew lines on maps and named the land after themselves, erasing the people and culture that had stood for thousands of years.


Let us re-cognize and re-member the land for what it is: a bioregion; a place of mountains and forests and rivers and animals and seas. Those who live here are not just residents of a city or state or province or country. They are members of the


When we see the land not as the place we live but as the place we are a part of, we can care for the land and all its inhabitants.