National Marine Sanctuary Map & Facts

The thirteen Marine Sanctuaries and one National Monument shown on the above National Marine Sanctuary map were designated in North America between 1975 and 2006, with ZERO designated since 2006.

Salish Sea Marine Sanctuary will be North America’s:

  • 15th designated marine sanctuary
  • 1st international marine sanctuary
    (including Coast Salish First Nations, Canada and the United States…
    which also makes this the world’s first multinational marine sanctuary)
  • 1st bioregional marine sanctuary
    (defined by its watershed boundaries, rather than geopolitical or other arbitrary boundaries)
  • 1st marine sanctuary in North America to include major amounts of rivers and creeks within the designated Sanctuary area
  • 2nd largest marine sanctuary in the entire system
    (including Papahanamokuakea in Hawaii which is 20 times larger)
  • largest marine sanctuary in continental North America
Only half of our existing Marine Sanctuaries (7 of 14) encompass 1,000 square miles or more (each):
Marine Sanctuary Area (rounded to nearest 1,000 sq mi)
Papahānaumokuākea 140,000 square miles
Salish Sea (Proposed) 7,000 square miles
Monterey Bay 6,000 square miles
Florida Keys 4,000 square miles
Olympic Coast 3,000 square miles
Channel Islands 3,000 square miles
Hawaiian Islands 1,000 square miles
Gulf of the Farallones 1,000 square miles

Note: All 7 other marine sanctuaries total less than 1,500 square miles, combined.
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